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The scenario

The $4+ Trillion healthcare market is largely seen as “ripe for disruption.” However, healthcare’s complexities make it significantly different than other industries that have been revolutionized by innovation, such as travel, retail, finance, etc:

It’s highly regulated due to privacy and patient safety concerns.

It’s challenging to digitize.

It’s existing value networks are complex and intertwined.

And, it is embedded in the emotional, cultural and political fabric of our society, further slowing innovation and change.  

The Health Innovation Imperative

The US spends 2X more money on healthcare than any other country in the world: $3.4 Trillion, or $3,400 Billion each year. This represent 17% of the overall economy in the US, while the average developed country spends around 8.8%. Unfortunately all this spending does not result in healthier people or longer lives. In fact, the US is ranked 47th globally in health outcomes.

This is unsustainable. Our society must find a way to reduce costs AND improve outcomes.

We need innovation in health.

Drivers of change

Despite the challenges to innovation, change is an unstoppable force meeting the almost-immovable object of the health industry. We are already seeing three long-term trends starting to play out in the market:

  1. Care moving out of the hospital

  2. Rise of the health consumer

  3. Consumer Tech and Traditional Retailers are entering the market, creating a whole new set of competitors

Over the next decade, timing and approach is critically important to successful health innovation.. It is a huge opportunity that requires specific knowledge, experience.

Risk mitigation across each stage of innovation.

At Jumpstart Investors, we understand that each stage of development brings different risks, returns, and liquidity characteristics. The Jumpstart platform has been assembled to solve for the biggest issues preventing private equity investment success: access, risk-mitigation, diversification and portfolio management. We offer investors the opportunity to access various funds and direct deals across all stages: Seed, Venture, Growth, Scale, and Maturity. We accept market return and liquidity of each stage… all while removing risk factors.

Jumpstart Investors’ market access, proprietary information, and specialized investment products allows us to remove and mitigate risk before investing time and capital:


Industry & Market Adoption Risk

Industry–first approach

Our investment engine is fueled by a formal annual process of primary research with healthcare industry leaders, decision makers and influencer. We pair these insights with proprietary algo-driven portfolio selection tools to turn market trends into actionable investment opportunities.

Financial Risk

strategic capital network

The Jumpstart family of funds directly invests in solutions shaping the future of health. Over the years, we’ve established a national network of strategic capital partners across all healthcare verticals and deal sizes to provide continued support to our international portfolio of 65+ companies.


Competitive Risk

proprietary database of health innovation

We track innovation from the idea-stage (think founders working from a coffee shop, a science lab or a co-working space) through each stage of development over time. Jumpstart has spent the past 5 years assembling and continuously updating the largest proprietary database of US health innovation.

Operating Risks

Team, Product & Scale

Our extensive network of mentors and advisors across all verticals of healthcare, legal, finance & accounting consult and support portfolio companies. Jumpstart’s tailored curriculum & resource library supports each portfolio company’s unique customer & market needs.